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   21 more infant die Niloufer Hospital in Hyderabad

Hyderabad News: Immediately after the death of 6 babies in SVR Ruia Government General Hospital in Tirupathi, 21 more babies were reported dead in the Niloufer Hospital. Niloufer has the record of a good hospital with proper facilities since 15 August 2012. After this new report of 21 deaths, the management seems to be in tension regarding the cause of the death.


As usual the media is hyping the situation but some excerpts regarding this incident are that the main doctors to be in charge of hospital were on leave on 15 August. The other staff was in full attendance and was alert when the incident took place. In Niloufer Hospital, it is usual that per day 10 to 12 babies die of various ailments they are born with. Also two nurses were on leave which were substituted by relievers of the hospital staff.


The count of nurses also was very less than the allowed number by the government employment wing. Even the equipment available in the hospital couldn’t be used due to the lack of nurses in hospital.


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Fri 17 Aug, 2012,12:16:25 AM
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