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   Sale of liquor banned in Parawada Mandal

Andhra Pradesh News: The political drama seems to never end in Andhra Pradesh. It directly hit the sale of liquor now. The district collector of Visakhapatnam, Luv Agarwal, passed an order to ban liquor sale within the proximity of 5 km from Parwada, a small mandal of Muthyalapalem village in Vizag.


The reason for this is the continuous riots between 3 political party followers namely Indian National Congress, TDP and YSRCP. The ban on liquor will be for 15 days starting from 15 August 2012. It comes as a shame to the state that such issues raised on Independence Day.  


The villages of Vadachipurupalli, Tikkavalipalem and Muthyalapalem are in the proximity zone of Parawada. Hence there won’t be any sale of liquor till the month ending of August.


Tags: Luv Agarwal, District Collector Visakhapatnam, Parawada mandal, Muthyalapalem village, liquor ban in Parawada

Thu 16 Aug, 2012,12:16:57 AM
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