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   Indian navy to increase its fleet strength

Visakhapatnam News: The flag hoisting in the Indian Navy of Visakhapatnam was a delightful event. The Vice-admiral Anil Chopra who is also the flag officer commander-in-chief of Eastern Naval Command hoisted the flag and made some important announcements.


The fleet base of Indian Navy in Vizag will get 46 new ships and submarines in the later part of the year 2012. He was addressing all the naval officers and also civilians who attended the flag hoisting. Also along with submarines and ships, few more aviation assets will also be included to expand the field of Indian Navy.


The commander-in-chief Anil Chopra told the gathering that weapon equipment department of India has added stealth frigates, nuclear-powered submarine, unmanned aerial vehicle squadron, anti-submarine corvettes, P8i long range maritime reconnaissance aircraft, MiG 29K fighter jets and advanced jet trainers under the India Navy Eastern Base.


This move strengthened the fleet capacity and also the weapons strength of India Navy in Visakhapatnam. The commander was proud that eastern base of Indian Navy could make its own mark across Indian Ocean over the past decade. A parade was also held at the ENC Parade grounds in Vizag. It is also heard that Indian navy is planning to create its own cyber cadre very soon.


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Thu 16 Aug, 2012,12:22:40 AM
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