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   TDP MLA Sairaj Arrested in Srikakulam

Andhra News: In the Sompeta Mandal of Srikakulam, supporters of TDP MLA Pedia Sairaj gathered in large numbers to protest the arrest of their leader. Baruah Police arrested Sairaj on the grounds of coal-based thermal power plant agitations in Beela. He was produced before judicial magistrate who ordered to take Sairaj into custody and issue a non-bailable warrant against him.


The charges against him are the destruction of property of Nagarjuna Construction Company at the site where the plant was proposed. Along with him, 102 more agitators were accused of this offence. Contractor of NCC N Satyanarayana Raju complained in the PS  that property worth 200000 INR was damaged by Sairaj and his agitators.


DSP Kasibugga Prasanna Kumar was sending continuous notices to Sairaj to surrender. When there was no response, they had to force arrest him and issue a non-bailable warrant against Sairaj. He should be in the police custody till 24 August 2012.

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Sun 12 Aug, 2012,11:49:59 PM
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