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   Death by accident creates chaos in Gandhi Hospital

Hyderabad News: Accident that occurred at Jal Vihar claimed the life of Centering worker of Bengaluru. The 22 year old was immediately shifted to Gandhi Hospital. But even before that everybody who witnessed the accident admitted that he suffered from a severe head injury.


His friends took Abdul Sajid Khan to Gandhi Hospital. He used to live in Bhola Nagar in Musheerabad before he went to Bengaluru to wok. He came back to Hyderabad for Eid. He went to Jal Vihar in Necklace Road with his friends for the celebration. But some slider got misplaced and he had a severe head injury.


Doctors there declared him dead the moment he was admitted without any delay. Ramgopal Pet inspector V Raja Rao took over the situation. Back in Gandhi Hospital, Abdul’s friends became furious that it was negligence of doctors that caused their friend’s death. They started accusing the doctors there and vandalized the property there in hospital.


The Police had to interfere in the situation and booked 2 cases the mob and the Jal Vihar sports park in Necklace Road. People are so ignorant that no one understands the seriousness of a head injury. 90% of the head injuries result to death no matter whether the operation is done or not. Only 1 or 2 lucky victims in 10 cases survive. Vandalizing government property or thrashing the doctors will only worsen the conditions.


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Tue 21 Aug, 2012,11:58:13 PM
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