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   Fake notes circulated near Charminar area

The police arrested 3 people Abdul Samad, Musharaf and Mohammed Najamula for circulating fake currency notes near Charminar Area. The money accounted to 4 Lakh. The police started enquiring after they got information from a woman Husna Bhanu. She was a former thief who got caught for the same reason. Hence she got the news easily about these three persons.


The three live in Borabanda and developed contacts from a long time in old city for the sake of circulating these notes. They used these notes to purchase various stolen items from the streets markets. V Sham Babu was the Chairman Inspector in the investigation of this case. According to the statement given by Sham Babu, these notes were smuggled from Bangladesh. 

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Fri 20 Jul, 2012,5:17:32 AM
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