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   Fresh Telangana issue rises in OU

The students from Seemandhra region are facing the anger of TRS student parties in Osmania University. This is a fresh issue reported in the recent times regarding the dulled T-stir. The counseling for PG seats is going on in OU campus and so are the threats to the students. Though initially the admissions from Seemandhra region were heartily welcomed, the TRS activist students linked to political parties are posing risk to the outsiders now.


Students outside Telangana region opt for Osmania University as they find it convenient to access the coaching centres they want. Some of the students even stated that it is mandatory for the new joiners to become part of any of the organizations to fight for T statehood. Or else they will have to face the ill treatment. Very soon probably after July 23, we shall know the list of outside students admitted in OU for PG courses.


There are a total of 47 PG courses in which 15% seats are open for the students contesting from outside Telangana region. However, some students stated that they did not feel anything unusual going on regarding the T issue. Neither did they face any ill treatment from T agitators. Well we shall wait for the time to tell how much of truth is there in this new issue.

Tags: Fresh Telangana issue, Telangana, Osmania University, PG counseling in OU, Seemandhra students, Hostility in OU

Tue 17 Jul, 2012,4:45:23 AM
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