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   Metro Rail in Hyderabad will soon be a reality?
Metro Rail in Hyderabad will soon be a reality?

The design for metro rail is finalized by the HMRL board and released in press meeting on Sunday. According to the report, the metro will run in 63 locations with 66 stations all over the City of Nawabs. The stations in Ameerpet, Parade Grounds and MGBS will be on resting the grounds but rest all will be cantilevered as per the report.


HMRL (Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited) claims that as the metro rail lines will be resting on single pillars without supporting pillars, the road will become spacious. Many of the city inmates oppose to this idea stating that traffic will become even more uncontrollable. The Panjagutta flyover’s accident is the live example of Hyderabad official’s inefficiency. Now that the rail lines are resting on single centre pillars, there is a high risk of accidents to occur. Yet the HMRL officials assure of implementing tight security in the metro rail design.


Some of the unique features of the design are concourse level design and platform level design of the station; Automatic Fare Collection gates; entrance into “paid area” hall after payment for tickets or through smart cards; lifts, escalators and staircases to reach the next level of platform; CCTV cameras, fire protection and fire prevention systems’ incorporation all over the stations.

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Tue 17 Jul, 2012,4:50:34 AM
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