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   Musi River faces sewage trouble

Yet another drinking water body is contaminated severely by the local sewage dumping. The city’s main source of drinking water, Musi River is now turned into a dumping yard. Study revealed that Hyderabad’s 80% of sewage wastes are dumped into Musi today. Shockingly the Manjeera water is experimented and found with high levels of excreta in the water samples.


The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is totally shocked with the results of this latest study. The results of this study were announced by Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MAUD) minister M Maheedhar Reddy. He blamed the residents of Hyderabad city for dumping the sewage and excreta matter into the river.


The city’s drinking water is now in the worst condition; raising alarming situations of health safety. Together the government and the general public must do something about this immediately.


Some of the terrible facts of this study are: 700 to 800 million litres of sewage is dumped in Musi per day, absence of sewage pipelines to the nearby human population is the main reason stated by CSE, pharmaceutical companies in Patancheru are also contributing to this by dumping chemical wastes into nearby water bodies, the city is already facing 30% official water scarcity and to top this, official have openly declared that this situation will worsen further.


However the GHMC and HMWS & SB (Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewage Board) officials claim that the situation isn’t that worse and that they are supplying clean water to the city today. We sincerely hope that their claim is true.


Mr. Reddy also said “the residents do not bother about their own safety. They are just dumping the sewage without stopping. And expect the government to take the action all the time. It is the direct result of the public’s wrong doing”. The government has a big task ahead and so does the public of Hyderabad. Dumping the wastes into water may seem very convenient but it is done at the cost of our own health.

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Thu 26 Jul, 2012,5:33:37 AM
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