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   Saytamev Jayate Ends on 29 July 2012

The much talked reality show, which is very close to reality unlike other fake shows ended yesterday on 29 July 2012. The show gathered overwhelming response from public all over India. The last episode went on air with the theme “we the people”.


This seemed to be the mixture of all the themes of the previous 12 episodes aired in the show. Though it was a very good theme, 1 and half hour is just not sufficient to deal with the ultimate question in our country that is “equality of all”. The constitution of India was formed 64 years ago in 1947 after the independence. Since then the principles Justice, liberty, equality and fraternity were made the four building blocks Indian Constitution.


The show was based on these 4 principles of Indian constitution. Whether these four are really being followed or not was the question raised to the people of India. Apart from a brief recap of previous 12 episodes, few more people were roped into the show. One among them is a couple who lost their 3 children in Gujarat earthquake. But at the same time they got over the pain and undertook 12 children. These are the children who lost their homes became orphans in the same Gujarat quake. The couple runs an orphanage in which these 12 children are taken care of.  


The duration of the show wasn’t just sufficient to telecast but there are thousands of such people living in India. The final episode is a salute to those people. Few more examples that were showcased are the handicapped woman running a home for the people of her kind, rape victims and how they got over the trauma in rehab centres. These are just shameful truths of India today. A question that was asked yesterday is in fact a deep rooted problem in India.


India succeeded in gaining independence from foreign rule. But is India really a free country today? Freedom from communal violence, people’s attitude towards women, safety of children and many more issues point out to only one question. Is there equality at all in the society? Ask yourselves the same question. Contribute your part towards building up our nation on moral grounds. Follow the principles set by the Constitution of India sincerely. Satyamev Jayate!

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Mon 30 Jul, 2012,4:05:55 AM
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