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   Satyameva Jayathe’s first episode creates waves among public
 Aamir Khan, Female foeticide, Satyameva Jayathe , Satyameva Jayathe 1st Episode

The much awaited Satyameva Jayathe of Aamir Khan aired its first episode on Sunday 6th May. Unlike other reality shows which focus on minting money from TRPs, Aamir Khan focuses on bringing the social issues to light and make the people aware of it. The 1st episode dealt with female foeticides that have becomes threat to the balance of female and male population in the society.

Talking about his show, Aamir Khan says "I am no oneto bring change or solve anything neither can the government. One person cannot improve this or bring solution. I can only keep the issue in front of everyone.The only solution is each and everyone should say I will not do that". 

Watch Satyameva Jayathe First Episode

The first episode had participants who were mothers and mainly sufferers of female foeticide. This is not only a problem in rural areas but highly urbanized and forward communities also pose pressure to the women in their families against giving birth to girl child. Aamir khan also told the viewers that the doctors are not the sole members to be blamed. Each and every person as a responsible citizen of India should come forward and fight against female foeticide.

The website of Satyameva Jayathe though initially got crashed due to huge traffic is again back to work and viewers can discuss their opinions in the website. The show received overwhelming response for its new and unique content and format of the show is being appreciated by all. We hope to see more and more of the show and expect that the initiative taken by Aamir Khan would bring about the expected change in our society.

By Jyothi

Sun 06 May, 2012,11:16:31 PM
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