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Agreement with Mayanmar to resolve the Border Issue

Indian government on Friday made an agreement with Mayanmar to resolve the long pending border problem between both the countries and also offered $500 million aid to mayanmar. Besides this both countries signed several agreements related to energy and trade links.

They also agreed to examine the feasibility of the rail way line and hydel project to foster the culture development through Border States Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland along with fair trading.

Renovation and repairing of the boundary pillars and tight security along with intelligence sharing are included in the security clause and discussed the matter related to oil and gas pipelines.

The discussion also held between both the head of the governments on Morehmac sot road which will connect the India and Thailand via Mayanmar.


Sat 15 Oct, 2011,1:19:52 PM

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