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Huge RDX Found ahead of Diwali in Delhi

Terrorists plan has been busted by the Delhi police with help of Sniffer Dogs James and Chilli at Ambala in Delhi. Police were successful in stopping the massive attack which was planned by the LeT members with help of BKI (Babbar Khalsa International) on Thursday.

5 kg RDX (Research department Explosives) ,similar to the RDX which was used in Delhi high court blast, was found in the Blue indica car, parked at Ambala. Along with RDX police found Detonators, timers and news papers belonged Jammu and Kashmir.

It seems terrorists have planned the similar attack happened in 2005 in Delhi, which claimed 62 people lives just  two days before  diwali.

Police started investigation and found some key evidence against the terrorists, police says that “we had inputs that a LeT wing active in jammu and Kashmir was planning to strike in Delhi. Investigations were done and found that explosives were meant for BKI and to be used in Delhi.”

Home Ministry directed all state to be conscious and ordered high alert.


Fri 14 Oct, 2011,1:08:51 PM

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