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In Letter not in Spirit

Making aggrandize policies is very easy for government to attract the people (voters). There is a need to check the reality of the electronic services in all the administrations in India. The new IT policy has also taken a big vow to make public service more transparent and friendly.

Resent past our IT Minister Kapil Sibal had unveiled the New IT policy 2011 which claims that “Ubiquitous, affordable, access to information and public services for enhancing efficiency, transparency, accountability and reliability.”

The intention of the government to make use of IT in all departments is appreciable. In fact it was there in the existing Policy. it has been several decades that the computerization started. But in India there are many departments, running with no computer. Number of post offices in bihar, chattisgarh and uttarpradesh do not have computers.

Besides creating 10 million jobs the other objective of the policy is to provide financial help to Soft ware industry to increase export and to expand the IT education. But how far it is acceptable to encourage the soft ware industry at the cost of priority public services?

The government aim is fulfilled only when all the departments are equipped with adequate computers which foster the development of the nation.

Thu 13 Oct, 2011,12:09:02 PM

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