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Health and Stress Management
Health and Stress Management

The states health and stress very much linked to each other. Expert studies from various Health and Nutrition wellness Centres say that if a person stays healthy, they are stress free. Here we present few great yet simple tips which might help you uplift your health quotient in your lives.


Kriya Yoga for better breathing capacity:


Do simple Kriya Yoga daily at least for 10 minutes. The Kriya Yoga is very much different from regular Yoga. This doesn’t need much of physical movement. It only helps to improve your breathing capacity. In turn it improves and expands the lifetime.


How are they related to each other?


In Sanskrit, Prana means life. But in literal terms we refer to Prana as breath or life. So Pranayama means improvement of life or breath. Hence, the more you concentrate on increasing the capacity of Prana, the better is the capacity of your lungs and in turn your body’s metabolism improves. This is a very simple trick that our age old Rishis used to follow to have an extended lifespan.


Food habits for better health:


Apart from breathing and lung capacity, other aspect which needs attention is food habits. The urbanization today left us with no option but to have heavy intake of food which are very unhealthy in reality. So many chemicals enter our body through air, food and water that they act as slow poisons and reduce the life span of human body.


Some remedies to this problem are skipping a meal once in a week. This will reduce burden on stomach and keeps it fit from the inside. Drink 100ml or ½ glass of water before afternoon meal and night meal. It will gradually reduce fat and cholesterol from your body. Do not eat heavy oily foods after lunch. Stuff like oily fried items, chips, ice cream, cheese and sweets should be avoided after eating. These will burden your digestive system and spoil your health gradually. Avoid them completely. Instead, finish your meal by eating fruits.


Breakfast is a must for everyone; both brain workers and physical workers. The quantity of breakfast should be a little less than that of lunch. Same rule is applied to the quantity of dinner. The time of breakfast intake maybe anywhere between 7 AM and 9 AM.  But there should be uniformity in the time schedule. Follow a fixed time for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. This will keep the body very active and strong. This strength will automatically reflect in the work you do.


Avoid chemicals in LIFE:


There are many harmful chemicals in our life style which directly affect our brain, lungs and heart. Some of them are toothpastes, soaps, shampoos, Mosquito and insect repellents, cosmetics, deodorants and food colours. Now we all know how much poison is just lingering around us. Some of these are unavoidable. But find for natural substitutes instead of these artificially made products. For eg, use Attar instead of deodorants. This is a healthier lifestyle.  


Now we know how easy it is to follow some simple steps to improve the health conditions and reduce frequent stress. Hyderabadisearch advices all its viewers to inculcate healthy habits and lead stress-free lives.