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Tips to perform well in interviews
Tips to perform well in interviews


Hyderabadisearch welcomes the students interested to improve themselves for better interview experience. Being associated with a consultancy, we are very much aware of what problems a student faces from the interviewer and vice versa. Considering the fact that we cannot change the attitude of the interviewer, we offer tips to freshers and a few tips to experienced candidates who want to apply anew in a new firm after leaving the old firm.


For Freshers:


After finishing your graduation, be crystal clear of your goals. Analyze yourself and understand what exactly you want to do. By doing so, half of the preparation is already done. You will be able to answer two main questions by the interviewer “What is your aim?” and “Tell me about yourself”. Apart from this, 3 main points that you should focus on are:


1.    Resume

2.    Presentability and body language

3.    Communication skills




The first thing to consider is your Resume. Give importance to it and think before you fill it. Do not copy from others and be as truthful as you can. Other aspects which you cannot display such as less percent of marks should be revealed at the time of interview. This will create a positive impression on the interviewer. But make sure you reveal the fakes of your resume at the beginning of the interview itself. There is a misunderstanding from the students’ side that this is wrong. It is absolutely not!


Imagine you are almost done with your interview and even about to get selected when you realize it’s the time to reveal my actual percentage, and you do it. The next question you are asked is, “why didn’t you reveal it in the beginning?”. This will definitely give an impression that you won’t be faithful to the company and cannot be trusted. Keep this in mind and start the conversation with the interviewer.


Second aspect about writing a resume is the quality. Consider an expert you want to, a senior for example. Write straight to the point than beating around the bush. This will save your time and the interviewer’s time as well. An attractive resume will also catch the attention of a good consultancy too.


Presentability and Body Language:


“First impression is the best impression”. Your body language reflects your state of mind. So be as calm as you can. When you enter the interview room, greet the HR with a good morning. Thank the person for offering you to sit down. Majority of the interviewers will study your personality than technical skills for jobs related to MCA, MBA and B.Com for instance. It is only in the case of software field that technical skills will be given utmost value. We got complaints from HRs that students appear very sluggish and uninterested while talking. Whether you are really interested in the job or not doesn’t matter until you present yourself well. Keep this in mind and concentrate on your body language. Facial expressions should be serene and smile occasionally no matter what the outcome of the interview is. Finally thank the interviewer again before leaving.


Communication skills:


Having good communication skills is as much important as standing top in your field. Mumbling and stammering is the worst thing you can do in an interview. This happens if you are too much tensed or not sure of what to say. Do not think too much about the result and drive away your tension. Take deep breaths and think before you answer. You can take your time but be clear about your answer. Have a basic knowledge about what your job is and what your responsibilities will be. If the company has a website, do a small study about it before you attend the interview. It will surely help you.


For experienced students:


Experienced students may not need much of technical preparation. You are half way through the interview only because you have prior work experience. But we saw quite a few students getting rejected despite their work skills. The reason being lack of communication skills. The expectations of the recruiter changes completely in case of experienced students. It is anyway known that you can work well on technical grounds. But they will enquire whether you are ready to work on a long-term basis and whether you are able to get them good clients or not. There will definitely be series of rounds in the interview process if it an MNC. You need to be patient.


We came across many students who say they will leave the present company and join another company if they are offered more salary. These were the kind of answers given by experienced students when the interviewer asked,”how long will you work in our company?”. Firstly you left a job; you are considering a salary hike. Accepted! But it is utter immaturity to be concerned only about the salary. Even before you enter the company, if you are talking about leaving it, what good are you than a fresher? As much as freshers require preparation before the interview, you also do. Keep this in mind and prepare well.


We mentioned some real-time examples of the students attending the interviews through our consultancy. We hope that this discussion might have brought some clarity to their doubts and expect them to perform well in future. Good luck!