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   Another train catches fire near Srikakulam

Andhra News: Another train, luckily goods train this time, caught fire near the suburbs of Kotabommali Railway Station. Three bogies of a goods train in which coal was being carried went ablaze. As the train was reaching Kotabommali Raliway Station, people on platform and railway station were horrified thinking that a passenger train caught the fire.


As the train neared the railway station, it was declared as a goods train. Chaotic situation ended only after the officials confirmed that it wasn’t passenger train and that no person was harmed.


The train was carrying coal from Talcher from Odisha to Vizag. The train caught fire just before entering the Kotabommali Station. Till the extinguisher team arrived, the coal in bogies was completely burnt. The cause of fire is not yet known but the authorities are worried over the continuous fire accidents that are taking place.


This is the peak time for the train authorities to consider about the train safety measures. The increased number of train accidents is becoming an alarming situation to the passengers. For few journeys, traveling through trains is compulsion. If this is the case, there might be a drastic decline in the number of passengers travelling through trains. 

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Wed 08 Aug, 2012,3:56:21 AM
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