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Districts of Andhra Pradesh

Cuddapah district is said to be the heart of the Rayalaseema as it is centrally located and well connected with the 4 districts of Rayalaseema.

          The District has a glorious history and a rich cultural heritage. It is identified as a part of Dandakaranya through which the Lord Rama and his consort Sita wandered during their exile.Holy rivers like Penna (Panakini), Papaghni, Chitravati, Mandavya cut across the District giving the land a sanctity of their own. Kunderu, Sagileru are the chief Northern tributaries to Penna and Cheyyeru, Papaghni and Chitravathi are the Southern tributaries .

The total geographical area of the District is 15,379 sq. Kms. with 3 Revenue Divisions and 51 Mandals. And has TWO (Cuddapah & Rajampeta) Parliamentary Constituencies and ELEVEN (Cuddapah, Pulivendula, Mydukur, Proddatur, Jammalamadugu, Lakkireddipalle, Rauchoti, Rly Kodur, Badvel, Rajampet & Kamalapuram) Assembly Constituencies.

As per 2001 Census (Provisional) the population of the District is 26,01,797 of which the Rural Population is 20,14,044 and the Urban Population is 5,87,753. Main languages spoken are Telugu and Urdu.


Cuddapah is considered to be one of the district endowed with rich history. Though its history goes back to second century B C, primarily it starts with Mourya & Satavahana dynasty as per the Archeological survey evidences. It was the battle field for several dynasties - Pallava, Chalukya, Cholas who waged wars for getting authority over South India.

The Pallava kings penetrated from a time into the North of Cuddapah district and ruled for a certain period during the 5th century. Later on the Cholas defeated the Pallavas and their rule appears to have lasted till the later part of the 8th century. Subsequently the next dynasty which established its authority for a considerable period to be that of Banas 

With the retreat of the Banas, Cuddapah came under the sway of a dynasty of kings called the Rastrakutas. King Indra III (915 A.D.) a later king Krishna III were the popular rulers. With the death of king Krishna III, the power and influence of this dynasty declined. The Telugu Cholas who were feudatories of Chola dynasty ruled entire Cuddapah District and their power seems to have suffered a temporary eclipse due to the aggression of Pandas but soon, the Cholas kingdom firmly established once again in the district during the first half of the 13th century.

Places To Visit:

Palakonda Mountains: - Palakonda ranges are the naturally formed hills bordering YSR District town, a place of tourist attraction having good waterfalls and high altitudes. Near RIMS there is way to reach the temple of lord Shiva in the name of Sri Palakondarayudu in Palakondalu.

Chakrayapet Gandi Anjaneya :- This is the place where God Sri Rama on his way to Ayodhya from Lanka stayed for one night to take rest. For conveying thanks to Sri Hanuman for his help in getting Sri Sitha devi, God Sri Rama made Hanuman statue on a hill stone with the point of his arrow. Which you can still see here. Also in Vempalli there is a hill temple where in you need to cross the river and climb the hill to worship Yedulakonda Rayudu

Sri Sri Sri Govinda Swamy mattam :It  is one among those precious institutions in the country to carry out activities of Hindu-Veda-Dharma and this glorious Mattam was established by Sri Sri Sri Yadati Guru Govinda Swamy in 16th Century. Yadati Guru Govinda Swamy has established the mattam at Palugurallapalli Village (erstwhile Swethapashana Puram), Badvel Taluk, YSR District District of Andhra Pradesh State.

Bramham Gari Matham- This is the birthplace of the writer who predicted many future events. He foresaw these during the 14th century and had made Nawab a devotee of him. Srimadhvirat Pothuloori Veerabramhendra Swamy is famous all over Andhra Pradesh and could be considered as a contemporary of Nostradamus.

Devuni Kadapa : - This is the place near Kadapa city, which people believe should be the setting off point for those who intend to visit the holy place of Lord Sri Venkateswara (i.e. Tirumala). Even people  say that the name of the Kadapa is derived from this place as Devuni Gadapa means "door frame" of Tirumala.

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