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Nizamabad district is Situated in the Northern part of the State in telangana region. The District is bounded on the North by Adilabad District, East by Karimnagar District, South by Medak district and West by Bidar District of Karnataka and Nanded district of Maharashtra. It lies between 18-5' and 19' of the Northern latitudes, 77-40' and 78-37' of the Eastern longitudes. As the District is situated at a considerable distance from the Sea coast, the climatic condi­tion is tropical and temperature flactuations are high in the district. The Normal mean minimum temperature is 13.7',and mean maximum is 39.9'C.

At times, the temperature plummets to as low as 5'C during winter and soars to as high as 47'C during the peak summer. The geographical area is 7956 Sq.kms i.e. 19,80,586 acres spread over 923 villages in 36 mandals of which 866 are inhabitated vil­lages and 57 villages are either un-inhabitated or submerged under irrigation projects/tanks.


The climactic condition of Nizamabad is extreme. It rises to as high as 47'C during the peak summer while in the winters it is as low as 5'C. It is situated at a considerable distance from the Sea coast. Agriculture is the backbone of the district's economy and about 81% of the working population depends on agri-culture. The main crops grown are paddy, Sugarcane, Maize, Turmeric, Cotton, Groundnut, Sunflower and pulses etc. Forest is one the natural resources of this district. The district has a number of well-planned irrigation systems. These are Nizamsagar, Sree Ram Sagar, Pocharam, Ramadugu and Nallavagu.

POCHAMPAD DAM: Pocharam reservoir is located on Hyderabad-Nizamsagar road. This was constructed on the river Aler the dam site is considered to be beautiful picnic spot attracting many visitors from Hyderabad. Alisagar is the beautiful garden developed by Nizam of Hyderabad. This is under the control of Irrigation Department as the Garden is under the bund of Alisagar Tank maintained by Irrigation Department. The Garden is in (33) acres with fountains and has lot of flowers, Deer Park, Tree House. The Garden is very poorly maintained due to insufficient funds and non-availability of technical no-how in garden maintenance.

ALISAGAR: Alisagar Reservoir is situated at a distance of 13Km from Nizamabad which is another important picnic spot, close to Nizamabad. A beautiful garden raised here attract picnickers from Nizamabad.

NIZAMSAGAR: There is a beautiful garden under Nizamsagar Project. This is in the Sangareddy - Nanded - Akola Road about (150) K.Ms. from Hyderabad. There is a garden, swimming pool and Guest Houses are all in poor maintenance. During rainy season many people visit from Karnataka, Maharashtra and neighboring districts like Medak, Karimnagar and Hyderabad. Boating facility has been introduced.