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   No Clarity on Telangana from Congress - Keshav Rao
Congress suffering a rout in Andhra Pradesh by polls, outgoing Rajya Sabha MP from the state K Keshav Rao on Wedesday suggested that lack of clarity in the party on Telangana issue .

"I do not know why you are getting surprised. The issue was about Telangana. So unfortunately while the Congress party could not give clarity on Telangana, TDP could not give clarity on Telangana, one party said we are with Telangana today and they have won," Rao told reporters outside Parliament.

He said that what was a matter of concern for Congress is that even BJP, which had no influence in Mahboobnagar, has won a seat. He pointed out that BJP was the only national party to support the demand for Telangana.

The Andhra Pradesh leader also used his farewell speech in the Upper House to make his point on the issue.

"We have been trying to raise the issue of Telangana. Today, results show that although, we did not give scope for discussing this here, the entire people of Telangana have voted against what exactly we have been thinking of," he said.

He said "if that kind of a thing and people's urge is not reflected here, it creates a problem".

Maintaining that dissent had become vital in a living democracy, Rao rued, "But the ruling party members are just being reduced as if they are nothing at all. The party formulations and debates are again constrained with what is known as party rules, whips and other things".
Thu 22 Mar, 2012,12:29:10 AM
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