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Bhadrachalam is the place where there is a famous temple of Lord Sri Rama and goddess Sita, the most important shrine of Lord Sri Rama after Ayodhya. The temple was constructed in 1674 A.D in Khammam district and 312 km away from Hyderabad. The temple is filled with devotees on the main festival day of Lord Sri Rama, the Sri Rama Navami. Situated on the banks of river Godavari, Bhadrachalam is believed to be a forest area called the Dandakavana a very long time ago, which was visited by Sri Rama and goddess Sita along with Lakshmana during their vanavasam.

Ways to reach Bhadrachalam:

Bhadrachalam is 312 km from Hyderabad, 161 km from Rajahmundry and 201 km from Vijayawada. It is reachable by both road and rail ways. The government of AP operates buses exclusively to Bhadrachalam and extra transportation facilities during the festive season.

Other temples and visiting places near Bhadrachalam:

The other shrines of gods and goddess which are famous in Bhadrachalam are Sri Annapurna Kasi Visweswara Swamy Temple, Sri Yogananda Jwala Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, Sri Govinda Raja Swamy Temple (Tatagudi), Sri Sai Baba Temple, Sri Abhayanjaneya Swamy Temple, Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple, Sri Ayyappa Swamy Temple, Sri Harnath Baba Mandir, Sri Amba Satram Temple, Sri Venkateshwara swamy temple, Sri Krishna Temple, Sri Durga Devi Temple, Sri Kodanda Rama Temple, Sri Kodanda Rama Temple and Sri Uma Rama liageswar Alyam.

Other main places that pilgrims and tourist will be interested in are Parnasala (cottage built by lord Sri Rama to live during their vanavasa), Jattayu Paaka (also called as Yetapaka), Dummugudem (it is said to built on the ashes of demons slayed by Lord Rama), Gundala (sacred place related to lord Rama), Sree Rama Giri, Venkatareddipeta and Gannavaram.