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Alampur is one of the holypilgrim places in India andis also one of the 18 Shakti Peethas located in India. It is in Mahabub Nagardistrict in Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh. It is distanced 90 km fromMahabub Nagar, 200 km from Hyderabad and closestto Kurnool townwith 27 km apart. Alampur is also termed as Dakshina Kashi as two holy riversTungabhadra nad Krishna meet at this place. Theother famous temple of Alampur is of Lord Shiva, the BrahmeshwaraTemple, with 9 shrines of lord termedas Nava Brahma Temple.

About the temples:

Alampur was also calledAlampuram and Halampuram in the past. The Shakti Peetham in Alampur is SriJogulaamba Devi. She is the Shakti of Lord Bala Brahmeshwara Swamy (incarnationof Lord Shiva). After a lot of demolishment, the temple which now stands wasconstructed in 2005 and maintained by temple authorities. 

The temple town is on the leftbank of the river Tungabhadra. It is not just the religious factor which isconnected to these temples, the architectural works of the Jogulamba andBrahmeshwara temples are also a worth the visit. Alampur is also called as“City of Temples”; it can be reached by taking asharp left on the national highway while traveling from Hyderabadto Kurnool. Itis approximately 12 km from this point and the main Kurnool bus stand.