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Papi Kondalu:

Papu Kondalu (Kondalu means hills) is located in West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh; exactly speaking they are located between Khammam and East Godavari districts. The hill range resembles the structure of hills in Kashmir of North India. The entrance to the hills is from a place called Koruturu of West Godavari.

The hills are beautified by the waterfalls (near the place called Munivattam) which originate from the slit on top of the hills. The hills were once called Papidi Kondalu. Papidi literally means a partition; they are called so because the hills partition Godavari river into two parts. There is an idol of Lord Shiva installed in Munivattam of Khammam district.

The forests of Papi Kondalu have few of very rare medicinal plants and teak, arjun and rose wood trees. The presence of these trees makes the forests and even hills useful asset to the state. The hill range is visited by pilgrims and general public more often through boating arrangements. There is a rumour that the jungle will sink if the Polavaram Project is approved by the government. As a result, there is intense rush of the devotees to visit the Shiva temple in the forests of Papi Hills. Accessibility to the hills is from Bhadrachalam of Khammam district, Rajahmundry of East Godavari District by boat and through roads from Polavaram of West Godavari district; all three districts belonging to Andhra Pradesh.