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Surya Lanka Beach
Surya Lanka Beach
Surya Lanka Beach:

Surya Lanka Beach is in Bapatla, a place in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh state. It is approximately 9 km away from Bapatla and 50 km from Guntur. The beach as it is known draws huge crowds during weekends. It is 7 km away from the Bapatla railway station and the government has provided with many transportation buses from the town to the beach as well. This made it a favourite weekend destination apart from the closeness to the town.

The scenic beauty of the beach is the key attraction for the commuters traveling from the town. The government of Andhra Pradesh also established a beautiful resort, The Haritha Beach Resort, near the Surya Lanka Beach and made it one of the most favourable spots for weekend entertainment. It makes us travel far away from our routine busy lives and have a peaceful time along the cool breezes of the sea.

Also being the nearest beach from Hyderabad, it draws crowds from the City of Nawabs apart from other towns and cities nearby. We can also accommodate our selves in the hotels and lodges in Guntur town if they can’t make it to the resort and make use of the frequent transportation facilities arranged by the government.