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Bhongir Fort
 Bhongir Fort
Bhongir Fort:

The Bhongir Fort was built by Tribhuvana Malla Vikramaditya in 12th century. He belonged to Chalukya dynasty. The fort is built on the Bhongir hill, which is in turn surrounded by the village Bhongir (Bhuvanagiri). The fort is a hangout spot for the residents of Hyderabad and Nalgonda districts mainly. The fort also witnesses many architecture students visiting it for the educational purpose. The fort is approximately 60 km away from Hyderabad city’s bus terminal.

The fort stands as an example of ancient architecture and has a unique egg-shaped construction. It has two entries protected by huge rocks. All the extraordinary trap doors, an armoury, stables, ponds and wells add up to the beauty of the fort; helping to get more visitors daily. The historians also say that there used to be an underground corridor connecting the Bhongir Fort and Golconda Fort. The famous and mighty queen Rani Rudrama Devi is also associated with this fort