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Rachakonda Fort
 Rachakonda Fort
Rachakonda Fort:

Rachakonda Fort is located in Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh. To speak exactly, it is 20km away from Ibrahimpatnam and near a small village Tippaiguda. It is one of the forts which are very near to Hyderabad city. It was constructed by Recherla Singama Nayak of the Kakatiya Dynasty in the place called Rachakonda; hence the fort is named after the place. 

From the pages of history books, the Fort is said to have served as home for military bases for the Kakatiya dynasty; it succeeded to remain a neutral empire between Muslims’ Bahamani kingdom and Hindus’ Vijayanagara Empire for a long time. But later the fort was conquered by Bahamanis in 14th century.

The architecture of the fort is a good example of Medieval Hindu Architecture. The fort becomes a weekend hangout spot for not only the general public, but also an interesting piece of study for architecture students of the country. The construction is completely done using stones and hard rock like material without the use of mortar. Even the town planning aspects of the fort reflect the medieval style of town planning; the usage of Vishwakarma Vasthu Sashtra makes the Rachakonda Fort a unique structure and attraction spot for the people of the city.