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Osman Sagar/Gandipet Hyderabad  
 Osman Sagar/Gandipet Hyderabad
Osman Sagar:

Osman Sagar (also called Gandipet) is yet another lake in the Hyderabad city which covers a massive area of 12108 acres and its reservoir covers 7166 acres. It was created from the dammed water of Musi River in 1920 for supplying drinking water and to protect the city from flood danger. Since it was constructed during the Last Nizam of Hyderabad, Osman Ali Khan, it is named after him.

A guest house, Sagar Mahal, was constructed for the king’s visitors during that time. The guest house is now maintained as a summer resort by the state government. The locals of Gandipet enjoy the cool breezes of the lake in the evening time. After the rains, the place becomes the popular tourist attraction due to the parks and resorts. The lake once used to provide drinking water to the people but as the human population gradually increased, the usability got affected. The place now serves only as tourist destination for the city inmates and outsiders.

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