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Jawahar deer park Hyderabad  
Jawahar deer park Hyderabad
Jawahar deer park:

The Jawahar Deer Park is located in Shamirpet in Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh. It was built during Nizam rule in Hyderabad in 20th century. It is also called Shamirpet Deer Park. Over 80 acres of area is totally dedicated to mainly deers and other animals of this park. Close to 130 deers and 15 species of snakes and birds can be seen in this park. One gets a feeling of a forest environment in this park because of the habitat of animals. In reality, it gives a much gratifying and calm effect to the minds.

There is an observational tower which is the highest point in the lake. It gives a complete view of everything in the deer park; unknowingly makes us forget our busy and racing city life. The Andhra Pradesh tourism built many cottages in this park for the visitors’ stay purpose. Care is taken about the safety of animal habitat as well as the people staying in the cottages. Food arrangements can be made upon the request of tourists along with separate restaurant facilities being provided. There is an opportunity to arrange picnics but prior permission has to be taken from the forest department so that they can ensure our safety.

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