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Festivals in Andhra Pradesh

Krishna Ashtami
Krishna Ashtami is one of the widely followed festivals of Andhra Pradesh. Celebrated between the month of august and September, Krishna Ashtami marks the appearance of Lord Krishna on earth. The devotees maintain a fast on the night of the festival and sing religious hymns.

This is the festival of sweets and revives the childhood stages of Krishna. The Lord is worshipped with offerings – milk, curd, butter, cream, honey and avvalakki (all are Krishna’s favourites), variety of fruits and flowers along with lots and lots of sweets and savouries. People decorate the idols of God with flowers and decorate the Lord with silk and jewelery. They arrange dolls/idols depicting the childhood of Krishna in the cradle, stealing butter, playing with the Gopikas, Mother Yashodha viewing the Vishwa Roopa Darshana, Krishna with Radha etc.

Rangolis (sacred, coloured designs/patterns decorated on floor) are drawn in front of the houses with various colours. Special foot steps of Lord is made as if baby entering the house. The Puja is performed in at midnight of Janam Ashtami. People arrange for Bhajans (Devotional songs) and Sathsang (singing in Bhajans)

Sri Krishna Janmashtami witnesses the exuberant enactment of the God's childhood endeavors to steal butter and curd from earthen pots beyond his reach.  A matka or pot containing these is suspended high above the ground and groups of young men and children form human pyramids to try and reach the pot and eventually break it.

Huli vesha (tiger dance) is a unique form of folk dance in Dakshina kannada that fascinates the young and the old alike. This dance is performed during the Dussera celebration, Krishna Janmasthami.
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