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Posted On: Thu 06 Sep, 2012,5:05:09 AM
Recent Copyright Amendments and Business Strategy

Intellectual Property, especially copyrights, plays an important role in the Entertainment Industry. The increase in legal issues surrounding many new film releases and cases against television channels indicates the value associated with IP/Copyrights. Neither the music industry nor the animation or special-effects companies have been spared from IP/Copyright issues. In the said context, our seminar on “Law and Business of Entertainment” addresses some critical issues and steps for the entertainment sector aimed at
Protecting and Generating Revenues from IP/Copyrights;
Avoiding Risks from IP/Copyrights of third parties;
Dealing with celebrities and related issues;
Licensing content and related transactions; and
Merchandizing as a source of revenue and related legal issues.

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Posted On: Thu 06 Sep, 2012,5:02:16 AM
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