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New Medical Degree for Rural Students

To achieve universal health care, planning commission is also supporting the introduction of new medical degree, Bachelor of Rural Medical and Surgery (BRMS).

The planning commission has advocated the new BRMS cadre and also said, the candidates should be entitled to get promotion after 10 years as Public Health Officer (PHO).

According to official information from the panel, by 2022, every district in the country is going to have BRMS. The course is going to focus mainly on primary health care among the rural population. It is not a Mini-MBBS but rather a special training program aimed at basic health care in rural areas.

According to union health ministry, people in rural, tribal and hilly areas are not being served well. In 2006, 26% of the doctors served in rural areas. In urban areas the density of the doctors nearly four times that in the rural areas. 

Mon 26 Sep, 2011,8:44:54 PM

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