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Historical Places

Golconda Fort

Like many of the great forts in India, Golconda Exudes a palpable sense of history. This is one of the most accessible of great medieval fortresses in India, was the capital of the Qutb Shahi Kings who ruled over the area. Golconda fort is a massive fort of granite with the walls and ramparts extending more than 5kms in circumferences. It is located at a distance of 13kms from Hyderabad, and is a magnificent structure that reflects the genius of its builders with walled enclosures and palaces on a hillock. A clap at the foot of the fort can be heard at the top of the citadel at a height of 61mts.the citadel is built on a granite hill 120mts high and is surrounded by crenellated ramparts constructed of large masonry blocks. The massive gates are studded with large pointed iron spikes, intended to obstruct war Elephnats. Outside the citadel stands another crenellated ramparts, surrounding the base of the hill, with a parameter of 11kms.outside this wall is a third wall. The original of the fort city can be traced back to the yadavas of Devagiri and the Kakatiyas of Andhra. The bahamanis of Gulbarga lost their city to the Qutub Shahis in 1518. The significant features of the fort include 87 bastions and eight gates of over 69 feet in height, which can even withstand elephants battering them during a siege. The Golconda rulers were rich and the famous Kohinoor diamond stands as evidence of their prosperity. Two guns of about 20 feet inlength, Fathe Rahben Gun, Which were part of Aurangzeb’s artillery. Are still found at the fort. There is a Son et Lumiere show at the fort at 7pm from March to October and 6:30 pm from November to February, Re-enacting the glory and grandeur of the Qutb Shahis with Matchless sound and light effects.