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Fairs In Andhra Pradesh

Pearls And Bangles fair
he Pearls and Bangles Fair is a part of the Deccan Festival. The fair is held during the festive months of February and March. The Pearls and Bangles Fair is held in Hyderabad. Pearls and bangles of all hues and designs are displayed in this fair.

The city of Hyderabad is also known as the City of Pearls. The pearls of the city are famed world wide. The lustrous shine and the quality of the pearls of Hyderabad are far famed and internationally renowned. The city has cultured different kinds of pearls of superior qualities. The city of Hyderabad is also known for its collection of rare pearls like the Barsa. The trade of pearls in Hyderabad had existed from the age of the rulers of the Qutab Shahi dynasty. The trade of pearls flourished under the royal patronage of the Asif Jahis as well. The wealthy attributes of the rulers who thrived on pearls were noted by the craftsmen of far off lands who arrived from the Arabian countries to indulge in trade of pearls. The Pearls and Bangles Fair celebrates the heritage that the city of Hyderabad has inherited from its erstwhile rulers.

Like pearls, bangles are also a specialty of Hyderabad. The richness of the city is reflected in the illuminated colors and designs of the bangles displayed in the Pearls and Bangles Fair.

The Pearls and Bangles Fair exhibits the luminescent and glowing pearls and the color tinged bangles that are the local pride of the city of Hyderabad. The Deccan Festival acquires a new glow due to the Pearls and Bangles Fair.

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