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Fairs In Andhra Pradesh

Pushkaram Of Godavari, Krishna, Pennar
Timing: Once In Twelve Years

Venue: Rajahmundry For Godavari Pushkaram, Vijayawada For Krishna
           Pushkaram And Kovur town In Nellore District For Pennar Pushkaram.

Pushkaram is held once in twelve years on the banks of the rivers Godavari, Krishna and Pennar in Andhra Pradesh. The Hindus consider a holy dip in these rivers sacred and so people gather in large numbers on the banks of these rivers, when the Pushkaram is held. Even before sunrise people take the sacred bath and offer prayers to the Lord.

Various rituals are performed and it is believed that a holy dip will wash away all their sins. Cultural programs are organised. Many shops come up in the nearby area selling jewellery, sweets, decorative items etc.

"Rajahmundry" is the venue of 'Godavari Pushkaram', Vijayawada for Krishna Pushkaram and Kovur town in Nellore district for 'Pennar Pushkaram'.
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