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Salar Jung Museum

The Salar Jung Museum is the repository of the artistic achievements of diverse European, Asian and Far Eastern countries of the world. The museum houses a grand collection of antiques and other articles of the Nizam of Hyderabad acquired by Mir Yusuf Ali Khan, also known as Salar Jung |||. The 35000 exhibits from every corner of the world include Persian carpets, Mughal miniatures, Chinese porcelain, Japanese lacquerware, wood carvings, religious and devotional objects, weaponry, over 50,000  books, famous sculptures including the veiled Rebecca and Mephistopheles and Marguerite( a double statue in single piece of Oak stem), a superb collection of clocks acquired from England, France, Germany, Holland, and Switzerland and so on.

The museum is open from 10 am to 5pm daily except Friday.