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Health Museum

The Health Museum was set up at Hyderabad in the year 1948 and is situated at a stone's throw from the Public Gardens. The kind words of praise from Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru which reads, "A very fine and healthy museum. I wish other cities had something like this" greets the eager visitors into this land of wonders.

Since the Health Museum is in itself a veteran figure it tells us about the social evils that bruised ancient India like inadequacy in true dedication, allegiance, advancement and improvement and other perils like ignorance coupled with poverty.

Special features of the Health Museum in Hyderabad are listed below:-
• This children's hub is split into two sections which represent incredibly spacious halls which are two in number.
• One is devoted to proper and balanced nourishment, wellness, various severe ailments like Cancer, Tuberculosis, Leprosy and various intriguing aspects of the human anatomy and apt immunization which can shield you from an army of dangerous disorders like Polio, Diphtheria and dreaded Small Pox that has struck again in Bangladesh and adjacent venues after almost a decade.
• The second vestibule of the Health Museum of Hyderabad is consecrated to different aspects of life of a mother and the process of giving birth.
• Various wooden placards putting a lot of emphasis on procedures of health improvements, snaps of various dignified scientists are displayed at key destinations in order to catch the eye of the visitors.
• The Health Museum situated in Hyderabad has a functional library that conducts movie shows displaying various documentaries on Saturdays and Wednesdays.
• The Health Museum of Hyderabad is open to visitors from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, except Fridays.