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Jawahar Deer Park is located in Shamirpet area in the Hyderabad, India. As the name indicate it’s a deer park so it’s obvious that it a park for deer protection as their population is drastically going down. Its located north from Secunderabad  and it was built during the rule of Nizam kings in the 20th century. Jawahar Deer Park is also known as the Shamirpet Deer Park as it’s located in the vicinity of Shamirpet a manmade lake constructed 50 years back. Its spread over an area of 80 acres allocated to deer’s and other animals.

Jawahar Deer Park is a good attraction destination with 128 hours and somewhat 15 different species of snakes and birds. This is not a forest to have a fear factor. In what if you have a walk around here you would be feeling like home. It’s a deer park right in the town, alongside a lake.

If you want to spot the deer’s at its natural day life then you can get on to observational tower, which shows you entire Shamirpet lake and if you spent few minutes there with calmness you can spot deer’s coming forward from its hiding places or the deer enjoying a water bath in the lake.

To make it as a tourism spot, Andhra Pradesh tourism board has built cottages for lodging. The price for AC Deluxe Room is Rs 300 per day on weekdays and Rs 50 extra on holidays. The price for normal deluxe room is Rs 225 on weekdays and Rs 250 on holidays. It also observes an inbuilt restaurant near the quarters run by Andhra Pradesh Government which serve as the purpose of food for the guest. The cottages are located inside the forest. Of course full care is taken to ensure that deer’s privacy and natural life is not disturbed by the visitors. You can also organize picnic with the prior permissions from the Forest Department which tells us the story that Shamirpet Deer Park is developing.

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