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Government expands the role of Nilekani committee

Government yesterday has expanded the roles of nilekani committee which was created to examine the direct transaction of subsidy amount to the stakeholders.

Government has decided to use the ADHAAR card to distribute the subsidy money on kerosene, gas, and manure to the stakeholders. To check the feasibility of this project, government has expanded the roles of the Nilekani Committee.

Nilekani committee is going to look into the following.

1.       An integrated system to transfer the subsidy amount directly to the stake holder’s account through the unique identification number.

2.       E-Banking through internal business representatives.

3.       Minimum financial services through mobile banking transaction which includes messaging, account balance, etc.

4.       Merging of all the pilot projects with committee project.

5.       Checking the feasibility of adopting E-commerce technology to transfer the amount.

6.        Monitoring of  all the pilot projects through integration system

7.       Inclusion of all the welfare programs in the integrated system

8.       Establishment of an effective redressal mechanism to solve the problems of the  stake holders.


Wed 21 Sep, 2011,12:01:32 PM

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