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The Blunder date (for women)
“OMG ! its my date and I am not sure what to wear” .you might have uttered the same words while your first date and only you can explain what went good and what went wrong. Date may sound too romantic but if that romance doesn’t sync with proper planning, we could only hope for another date.

The first impression is the best impression , you may not be as expected in looks and charm , but in the end it should be a successful date .when men assume that they screwed up the date , well they would certainly, if they ever mentioned about their not so important past relationship , so what about girl ?ever tried to know the blunders of the girl ? in many cases , girls tend to make the more blunders and can frustrate her charming prince if proper do’s and donts aren’t learned .so lets see some of the blunders they likely to make.

Learn and make your first date a life long moment.

 Too much  garrulous(talkative) : why do you disclose so many things at a time ?, patience is the tool we suggest you to use , so that you can preserve some words for the next date with him.if you talk too much , your mouth may not burn but your date would certainly assume that you may reveal anything to any stranger at any point .kindly put off  sharing your baggage .- this wouldn’t help.

The sexy thing: he wont go anywhere , dress decently ,put off your seducing or flirtatious behavior with him . this is the symbol of being aggressive , so avoid it.

Ex’s mixes : wouldn’t you get upset cause your date is talking more about his ex girlfriend or how bad she really was. So stop being the same dear . speaking anything about ex term is enough to make your romantic date go upside down. Your ex might be a weirdo ,let it be , but don’t mention anything – you are not cheating.

The makeup kit: boys defiantly don’t appreciate a girl brushing her hair, or doing other primpings right before him. If you need adjustments , “please excuse me for a while” would always help.

Buzz: keep that phone away if that isn’t an important call .you know what to do if its important , just let him excuse you . don’t spend minutes of conversation – this what frustrate men so easy.

Diet freak: if your cautious about your diet , stop ordering expensive delicacies , take two bites and say no – this wouldn’t work either. Money isn’t an issue here, wasting food is not your job.

Judgmental: if you don’t like the behavior of your date or his styles, think about whether you could live with it or change it later . if you cant , then don’t accept a second date –wasting your time isn’t your job description.
Learn the rules, be his princess and you never have to regret because you made the perfe
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