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Ratha Sapthami

Ratha Sapthami/ Rathsapthami or Magha Sapthami is observed in the month of Magh or Magha Shukla sapthami is celebrated by Hindus.

This is the auspicious day of Surya Bhagwan as this is the birthday of Surya Narayana and this day is also called as Surya Jayanthi. Worshipping Surya Narayana blesses with Good health and well being. This day fall after vasanth panchami.


During Rathsapthami  punya snan(Holy dips) are performed and women decorate WITH RANGOLI in front of their homes to welcome Sun God rays and blessings. Rangoli is drawn in Chariot way(vehicle of Sun god-seven horses which resembles seven colours in the rainbow and seven days  a week starting with Sunday which is believed to be the day of sun god).

The Chariot has 12 wheels which resembles a 12 signs constituting a full year. Rathasapthami also  marks the gradual increase in the temperature across south India awaits the arrival of spring.


This year we are celebrating Ratha Sapthami on 30 January 30, 2012(30/1/2012)


Surya temples In India


 Ratha Sapthami is celebrated in grand way in these Surya temples:


Konark Temple    -------------(Odisha) World heritage Site

Modhera             --------------Gujarat

Arasavalli---------------------Andhra Pradesh


Sun Temples  of Marthand and Multan temples were destroyed during Muslim conflicts in the past.

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