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Republic day
The  Republic day of India is celebrated  every year on 26 January  commemorates the date and moment  on which the constitution of India came in to the effect. Although India attained Independence on 15th August 1947,it did not have a  permanent constitution , instead it laws were functioning  based on the laws enacted and implemented by British.

On August 28, the  drafting committee was appointed to  make a permanent constitution headed by Dr.Bhimrao  Ramji Ambedkar(Dr.BR Ambedkar). After many Amendments and modifications  the constitution was presented and accepted on 26 November ,1949 and this came in to fully forced from 26 January ,1950. While India celebrates its Independence day after the freedom from British Rule, and the Republic day is celebrated  remembering the coming of the constitution in to effect.

Since 1950 India has been inviting guest of high dignitaries from other  country   as a guest of honour for Republic day celebrations.

Republic day is celebrated all over the country in a colorful way. Republic day is celebrated in a grand way in country’s capital New Delhi, a  parade is held from Raisina Hill near the Rashtrapathi bhavan that passes along the Rajpath and ends at India Gate. The president along with the country’s guest ,Prime Minister and other higher rank officials  make their presence on the occasion at the Rajpath.The President unfolds the national flag and addresses her Republic day speech after the national Anthem.

On the occasion of Republic day, The president of India who is commander in chief takes the Salutes from Indian Armed Forces. Along with the parade there is live display of Indian rich Culture which brings entire nation together. Martyrs   and hero’s who showed their courage and bravery without bothering their lives are remembered and prestigious awards including kirti chakra and Ashoka chakra are conferred by the president on the event.

Republic day is celebrated in every Indian states and other  head quarters . This year we are celebrating Republic day on Thursday.

A warm Republic day Wishes to One and
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