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Reasons Why People fail to Make Money Online
People may feel strange looking at this for first time because they might think that why people want  how to fail,how to try even after repeated failure etc. but we may not  look at the warning signs  or we may neglect.

Here are some sure ways to fail in  online to build a healthy income.

1. Thinking that making money online is 'easy'.
There are many that come to the Internet with a 'lotto' mentality. They think that by some stroke of luck they would sign up for this incredible business and 'bam!' their bank account will flow with money. In fact, there are many 'such businesses' that try to sell you on that idea. They use words such as  easy automated income and spill-over. I can assure you that any business that try to sell you the idea that you don't have to do anything to make money and that they will do all the work for you is robbing you . just think why unknown person assures you income even though you do nothing and insted he work for you ?

I have signed up for many MLM programs that use the forced relation model. This means that you can only have a limited amount in any level before the recruits are passed on to another level. This model sells on the fact that you will receive 'spill-over' from those above you. The only problem here is that if everyone waits for the spillover then opportunity flops. The idea that someone else will do all the work and make you rich is a fallacy.

2. Making sure you have everything in place before you start.
You can be stalled in the planning stage thinking that everything has to fit in place before you can launch. Some refers to this as 'the paralysis of analysis'. There are many projects that never get off of the ground because the creator was never satisfied that it was 'just right'. It's best to go ahead with what you have and improve as time goes by. The inspiration often comes while you are on the road and seldom while you are planning the trip.

3. Try one thing and if it doesn't work give up.
You can read any story of a successful online marketer and it will be filled with failure. What makes the difference between a 'guru' and a failure is that the guru was willing to fail more times. History is littered with stories of people who failed a thousand times before they hit the bull's eye. Abraham Lincoln  come immediately to mind but there are many others. We often feel defeated because we are presented with the success rather than the path to that success. Anyone who courts the trophy must pay the price of hard work.

4. Try even every opportunity that comes along. One may work.
There is no way of telling which business will be successful and which will fail. However, at the same time you need to focus on a particular thing and keep working at it. Jumping all around causes you to lose focus and money as well. I've heard the complain often 'I tried everything and nothing worked.' This may be because you tried everything at a time ! Better work everything but one by one.

We are only blessed with a limited amount of time. This means that we have to give any project the best that we have and do not lose focus. If you have the tendency not to finish what you started then you need to discipline yourself to change this. This does not mean that if you find something that is not working that you keep at it just to be persistent. If you find that the project is failing because of something over which you have no control then it's time to leave and move on. On the other hand if you find one that works then keep at it and build your own empire.

5. You can make it without investing in your education and advertising.
There is one place you don't want to be stingy and it's in your education. The most successful online business owners will tell you that they invest thousands of dollars each year in their education. You have to keep reading . Saving that dollar for the seminar materials may cost you thousands of dollars later.
There are two areas that you can never be a miser in - your education and advertising. A common mistake that people who are new to Internet business make is that they don't budget for advertising and their continued education. They start a business and think that people will just find them and buy. You have to read to keep abreast of the latest research findings and advertising methods that work.

6. Thinking that your online business will give you a lot of free time.
Look at all those pictures on websites that sell business opportunities and they show you entrepreneurs on the beach with their laptop and cell phones. The idea is that you can work where you want and when you want.

Most people who are self-employed will tell you that they work harder and worry more than when they worked for someone else. There is just no easy way out. The very freedom that your home business promises you is also the same slavery type that binds you. As always, freedom comes at a price. Remember all those worries that your boss carried and you didn't have to spend all night thinking about ? - Well, you now have them all and more!

Just look out for those warning signs and you will be safe on the road to online success. The road is steep and littered with wrecks of those who didn't look out for the signs. Don't let this happen to you.

Sat 27 Aug, 2011,4:53:03 PM

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