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Women are strikingly talented in there work place , and innovative rational and practical knowledge in business.well developed and nurtured network is important for everyone in field.
The fact is that women in gently to behave and network much differently.women s do it purely for transaction reasons to gain ,making them more practical knowledge networks

On the other hand concentrate more on making friends network and group it long last network,very strongly and reassurance.they are not pro activity continuing in contacting people they need to know someone fairly well in order to help them ,so women don't have many contacts as men

Women don't like to network , even to extent,when push comes to shove , women s hesitate to start conversation with strangers and they worried what other people think of them.

Social conditioning and another short delay is that women adopt a more personal approach to networking.In long conversation and constantly  draw parallels  about common interest  a small talk about clothes,weather,etc.this light heart ,personal approach often keeps the male fraternity from taking them seriously.

There is a risk factor as personal safety will obviously be significance to a women.

circle effectively

Not that women don't want to meet , share or connect, they just have a different sharing style that gets more real in personal , honest and worthy relationships. feeling shy from the targeted networking and business can still opposite result.

Gathering like lectures,meetings,conventions,workshops alumni gatherings and social events as they are great avenues to make several contacts.dressing professionally will make that you are decided seriously

Prepare a short and powerful elevator speech describing your self
do not spend the entire time with known people or waiting's for others .be comfort go and talk to strangers. greet everyone, introduce yourself

Always network with a purpose identifiable goal,expand client base, improving business, career growth.

Smart networking is main business skill and with a good practice
and will enjoy it  

Wed 05 Oct, 2011,3:56:35 PM

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