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Reasons to Start a Side Business

You’ve already considered the obvious reason to start a side business – to bring home more money. After all, a side business done right can be a great source of extra income, and it’s possible to run one while still working a full-time job. But here are a few other reasons to start a business on the side while maintaining your full-time gig.

1. To Test a Product or Business Idea

It’s a big risk to leave a stable job and venture out into territory unknown, which is exactly why many people decide to test the demand for their new business while still enjoying the benefits of a full-time salary. This works particularly well if the idea is new or you aren’t sure whether or not the product will go over well in your area. By not committing full-time to the business, you can maintain a safety net in case it doesn’t go as well as you hope.

2. To Maintain Health Insurance

Health insurance for the self-employed is not cheap. This is especially true for the would-be entrepreneur who has a family to consider. Many people who can’t afford the high cost of insuring themselves keep their day job solely for this purpose. Then, once their business becomes profitable enough to afford insurance, they leave their job and become a full-time business owner.

3. To Save for Something Big

Many people begin a part-time business in order to save for something they couldn’t otherwise afford like a house, car, swimming pool, or vacation. Their regular salary continues to pay for everyday expenses, and money earned from the side business is put into a special fund exclusively reserved for the desired purchase.

4. To Save More for Retirement

The future of Social Security is questionable and company pensions are practically a thing of the past. Many people have realized that it’s entirely up to them to put aside money for when they no longer can or want to work. Some side business owners have started their companies simply to fund their retirement.

5. To Build Cash Flow

Having an adequate amount of cash flow in a business can make the difference between success and failure. That’s why it’s important to have serious cash reserves when you launch full-time. But many people don’t have the months of operating expenses needed to do this. So they start small with a side business and use profits to beef up cash reserves for a future full-scale launch.


Mon 22 Aug, 2011,10:53:45 AM

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