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Lumbini Park


Lumbini Park

This park is situated on the banks of Tank bund. It is one of the recreational parks in the city. The beautiful landscape garden and large play area for kids attracts many local visitors and tourists from other parts of the state. The park is named after the birth place of Lord Buddha. At the entrance, you have a big clock made to appear beautiful surrounding it by flowers.

There is a play area towards you left and a small pool with a backdrop of a small man-made waterfall. There is a small car track for kids below five years. There is also boating facility available with motor boats, speed boats and two small ferries called as Bhagamati and Bhagirathi. These two ferries have some local dance troops who entertain you through you journey to the Buddha Statue that stands in the middle of the Hussain Sagar Lake.

A view of the surrounding areas of the lake and the statue in the centre of it, especially during night times is real enchanting. The cool breeze in the evening with illuminations all around the banks of the lake adds to the spectacle of the park.Towards evening there is a sound and light show where you can watch the laser beams and the dancing water narrate the history of Hyderabad while you swing to the tunes. The show starts towards the dusk around 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at night. For every hour, between these times, there is a show. The laser and water dancing to the various melodious tunes is all worth watching. You will definitely carry home the imprints your experience in the park.
Lumbini Park is located near the Tank Road, adjacent to the Hussain Sagar Lake in Hyderabad, India. The Lumbini Park has been named after the birthplace of Buddha and it lies just opposite a famous Buddha statue. The park was developed as a part of the Buddha Purnima project of the state government. It is one of the most beautiful parks of the city of Hyderabad and is an ideal place to relax and revitalize your spirits. It is a popular joint among people of all age groups and one can see kids running joyfully around this park daily. The park has eating joints, which offers not only fast food, but also popular local cuisine. A colorful Floral Clock, man-made waterfalls and musical fountains are among the key attractions of the Park. The spectacular musical dancing fountain and water cascades attract huge crowds. During summer time normally three shows are organized. Every day, a musical fountain show at 6.30 in evening in organized. The fountains dance to the tunes of popular numbers from Bollywood films with brilliant light display from the sides and background. It is very popular and people coming to the Park make it a point to see the musical fountains. The Lumbini Park is encircled by the state Secretariat, the Hussain Sagar Lake and the striking Birla Mandir. People visiting the park can also avail and enjoy the boating facilities provided at the nearby Hussain Sagar Lake. The park is open on all days except Monday.