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Birla Science Museum
The Birla Science Museum is the second phase of the B.M. Birla Science Center, one of India’s most prestigious institutions for dissemination and promotion of science to the public. Together with the Birla Planetarium and the Birla Dinosaurium, the Birla Science Museum was created to educate the masses about the fundamentals of science in a manner that is interactive, exciting, and fresh — a far cry from just reading about it in textbooks and journals.

The museum was opened in 1990, and it was and still is Hyderabad’s only museum that is solely dedicated to science. It is a remarkable endeavour considering that science museums seem to have the stigma of being a nerd or geek place, far removed from the classical air that is usually given to art museums or natural history museums, for example. Nevertheless, regardless of it being a minority, the Birla Science Museum is becoming one of the more popular attractions in Hyderabad.

Birla museum has beautiful structure, reflecting the advances made in science and technology. The interior décor

matches the architectural exterior of the centre built over 10,000 sq ft (930 m2). The centre is host to a number

of divisions such as the Planetarium, the Science Museum, and the centre for Applied Mathematics and Computer



Birla Science Museum
Saifabad, Adarsh Nagar,
Near Birla Temple, Hill Fort, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500063
Phone : 040 23235081?


The Birla Planetarium is open from 10:30 AM till 3:00 PM and closed on last Thursday of every month while the Science Museum is open from 10:30 AM till 8:15 PM and closed on last Thursday of every month.

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