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Historical Places >>  Taramati Baradari

Taramati Baradari
Taramati Baradari monument is an ode to the love of seventh sultan of Hyderabad Abdullah Qutb Shah for his odalisque Taramati. The Golconda rulers have a legacy of five hundred years; the Taramati Baradari monument is redolent of the glorious past.

This historical monument is located at Ibrahim bagh, Near Gandipet - Hyderabad, India, built by Abdullah Qutb Shah, VII Sultan of Golconda Fort, as an ode to his favorite courtesan Taramati.

The Taramati Baradari cultural complex has come up as a result of their effort that has cut across the generation gap in bringing hordes of people to watch the prestigious performances and the soiree, which takes in pleasant intervals. The cultural programs are organized under the open sky in an open air auditorium with a seat covering of minimum of one thousand five hundred people, hewn out of stone. The food courts are adjoining the auditorium, so you are not to go hungry, they are there to play host to your sensitive taste buds.
The hall is semi arched and huge in form opening into an art gallery, which is multifunctional doubling up as the banquet hall when the need arises. The complex is made with a pair of green rooms and washrooms. The complex is multidimensional as catering to the needs of the people.

Abdullah Qutb Shah is believed to have enjoyed Taramati’s song and dance from Golconda fort. Her melodious voice would be carried by the breeze, reaching the prince’s ear at the Golconda fort, because of the acoustics model, in the structure as well as that of the Golconda fort. The baradari with 12 doorways were to allow cross ventilation, considered to be the most ingenious technique at the time.

Taramati is said to have seen her heydays as a royal mistress during the reign of Abdullah Qutb Shah and the last King of Golconda, Abul Hasan Tana Shah, roughly from 1626 to 1687.


Ibrahimbagh, on the Osman Sagar (Gandipet) Road, close to Golconda.

8 am – 9.30 pm

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