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Lakes >>  Mir Alam tank

Mir Alam tank
Mir Alam Tank is a small lake that has been built right next to the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad. Take a tour to the Mir Alam Tank to feel the peace and tranquility of nature untouched by time. The unique feature of this Tank is that it has 21 in-built small masonry dams, semi-circular in shape.

The Mir Alam Tank is located 16 kilometers away from the airport, and is just adjacent to the Nehru Zoological Park so getting there is just as easy as stopping by the zoo. It was built by the then Prime Minister of Hyderabad state Mir Alam Bahadur, during the reign of the third Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Akbar Ali Khan Sikander Jah Asif Jah III.

Its construction was started on 25th July 1804 and was completed on 8th June 1806. Andhra Pradesh Tourism offers boating facilities that include mechanised boats, steering boats and speed boats. The speed boats available here are mostly hired for film shootings. Guest House accommodation is also available.

The engineering that went with the construction of the tank is truly something to be appreciated: a mile long bund is formed with 21 semi-circular arches, giving the whole thing a really majestic look. An interesting tidbit in its planning was that Michel Joachim Marie Raymond, the Frenchman to whom Hyderabad’s Raymond Tomb was dedicated, was also said to be involved in its planning.

Benefit of planning a tour to the Mir Alam Tank is that you can also visit the Nehru Zoological Park, which is situated right next to it. You can enjoy the flora and fauna of the Zoo along with the calm view of the Tank


Adjacent to Nehru Zoological Park, Bahadurpura, Hyderabad

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