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Mocha is the only coffee bar in the country that offers 18 different gourmet coffee beans. We import our coffee beans from Jamaica, Guatemala, Hawaii, Kenya, Morocco & Ethiopia to name a few.

Specialty coffees :

All Specialty Coffees are brewed and served black in a French Press with milk on the side, or in an Au-Lait Cup with steamed milk

Single origins:

Gourmet coffees grown in select plantations from different corners of the world. You can select your cup from the region of your choice.

Mocha is inspired by the Quahveh Khannehs of Morocco and Turkey. These warm and homely coffee shops are the perfect place for people to come over, order a coffee and talk about their day. About politics, family or just the weather if they so please. It’s a place to meet and suspend reality for a few moments. That’s what Mocha was designed to be.




Road No. 7,

Opposite Chief Justice House. 

Banjara Hills , Hyderabad.