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Papyrus Port Egyptian Resort  
 Papyrus Port Egyptian Resort

Papyrus Port:

Papyrus Port pays tribute to the legendary and one of the greatest cultural heritages of the world, the Egyptian heritage. It is located near Kottur, a small locality near International airport in Hyderabad. The theme of this resort is Egyptian which showcases the architecture and infrastructure styles of ancient Egyptians.

The resort has a restaurant, banquet hall, senet room, spa, lawns, open air theatre, Indoor & outdoor games, beach cricket, beach bally ball grounds, sophisticated gym and a swimming pool. All these add up to the mood of celebration. They also host parties, corporate meetings and conferences and have adequate space to accommodate nearly 1000 people at once. Make sure to visit Papyrus Port if not Egypt, to feel the essence of Egyptian architecture and grandeur.


34th Mile Stone,

Thimmapur Village,

Bengaluru Highway


Ph: 6711-3320.